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Oh, Well I guess I'm back.

2011-11-25 19:50:44 by NHVideogroup

Welp, after a lot of thought,

I guess I should come back and start uploading stuff again!

I'm back!

Im back!

2010-06-19 04:11:29 by NHVideogroup

I've learned not to car bout' ratings (Well as much as I used to) And Learned to care about
the most important part of my music, Bringing back memories and making people happy!



2010-06-16 03:26:20 by NHVideogroup

Im gonna post MUSIC RAIN OR shine because Its My freaking Page and Ill post what I wanna!


Yeah I'm outta here..

2010-05-28 03:35:17 by NHVideogroup

Yeah low ratings,low interest, low drive...

I spend hours on songs I get no results, I get no ratings no views nothing!

New Grounds is not meant to enjoy anything except the things they can comprehend
or relate to. A website dedicated to immaturity and stupid jokes.

So don't expect any new uploads.


Making Music is like eating a entire Popsicle in one bite-
Easy, but with very uncertain effects, you either get a wonderful
taste Sensation, or.........your head explodes (trust me I know)

And the publishing of music is like playing darts blindfolded,

And I need a guide,....My point?

I'm taking all and any requests!

Well I'll Be damned!

2010-03-31 20:04:47 by NHVideogroup

Well a while ago I put up a post regarding the ultimatly
"Compressed" mindset Newgrounds has acquired recently

Well I just relised something that I was doing wrong!

People here like BEAT: rock or techno, hip-hop etc.

Anything with a strong danceable beat, So
From this point On ill be releasing More Rock
and Metal songs than EVER before!

But something still bothers me....
People seem to just listen for 3 seconds rate and leave,
I need Feedback, tell me what I'm doing wrong and how I
could change it! (Its very appreciated!)

Thanks to all my listeners!

Well don't that beat all!

2010-03-18 01:42:09 by NHVideogroup

Well,Well,Well, It seems once again my assumptions were right,

Assumption 1: New Grounds Only likes Techno Blastin' "Songs"
(No offense to techno)

Assumption 2: Newgrounds art can only be popular if It contains cleavage
(LOL, but true)

So instead of being creative or original I will instead be using High Level Nintendo
Songs Instead of classic songs or something not in a video game.


Well don't that beat all!

2 new songs!

2010-02-27 21:30:57 by NHVideogroup

2 new Songs

Kirby 64: Miracle matter Boss Theme

And I redid a song i made earlier,

Excel Saga Opening Theme


Woah Where Did I go!?

2010-02-11 15:07:39 by NHVideogroup

Well as you may or may not have known I've been gone for a while, mostly do to the fact I've been receiving medical treatment and have been busy doing so. BUT I'm back and I've gained much more skill in the musical arts compared to the last time you saw me! To show my new found editing ability I will re-upload some older songs, bigger and better than ever before! Enjoy!
See My new Song: Holy crap F-F-F-FIRE!!
And I've gotten my inspiration for this song from the awesome Gmod game mode Chimera Hunt!
And The Mother/earthbound games! Enjoy!

Woah Where Did I go!?

I hope you all are having/had a fantastic Holiday season! And will have a Happy New Year!

I hope you can stick to your New Year's Resolutions!

As Always I will Continue to upload Music And Taking Requests!

A Special Thanks to all how have supported me this last year,
For all of ratings and Input and Favorites...Honestly When I joined
Newgrounds I really felt as If none of my "talent" would ever be
enjoyed by anyone else, but you guys have encouraged me and
Supported me into music! When life was looking down Newgrounds
always Gave Me something to look forward too...

A Special Thanks To All Of My Supporters !!!

Have A Safe And Happy New Year!